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Welcome to the World of Kevin McGee

Hello and welcome! If you’re here for more thrills and chills from Prentice Pendleton and the eerie escapades in Capron Bay, or the spine-tingling tales from the “United States of Scare,” you’ve hit the jackpot. If you stumbled upon this page by chance, I’m glad you did! Stick around and take a journey through the realms of my imagination—I promise it’s quite the ride.

I’m Kevin McGee, the mind behind “Prentice Pendleton and the Supernatural Squad of Capron Bay” and the chilling anthology “United States of Scare: Terrifying Tales from the Fifty States.” Born in Rhode Island in 1972, my childhood was a tapestry of baseball dreams and vivid storytelling. When the leaves turned and the fields emptied, my imagination took over, filling the gaps with stories and adventures.
Halloween in New England was a magical time, with the Great Pumpkin reigning over a kingdom of fall colors, haunted tales, and the freedom to be anything you wanted. It was a simpler time, a time for stories that became a part of who I am.

As the seasons changed, so did my life. From a history degree to a career in law enforcement, each step honed my imagination, exposing me to stories so wild they couldn’t be made up. Eventually, I traded the badge for the classroom, moving south to teach history and coach sports in the Carolinas.
Now, after another move and a decade of teaching, I’ve embraced my lifelong dream: writing. In the past year alone, I’ve penned five books, diving deep into the supernatural mysteries of Capron Bay and the haunting folklore of America.

I invite you to explore the stories and characters that have sprung from my mind. There’s much more to come for our friends in Capron Bay, and I hope you find as much joy in reading these tales as I have in writing them.

Thank you for wandering through the pages of my imagination. Enjoy your stay!

Kevin McGee