Prentice Pendleton and The Haunting of Minuteman Cemetery!

Prentice Pendleton and the Supernatural Squad of Capron Bay. Autumn is beautiful in Capron Bay and Prentice is looking forward to his first Halloween in Massachusetts. There will be Apple picking, hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and Capron Bay’s 100th Annual Halloween Haunt. It will be the town’s biggest fall festival yet. But, for a twelve-year old learning the ways of the colors, fall in New England suddenly becomes dangerous. The regions vast changing of colors overwhelms Prentice’s senses and he loses all of his new found powers. As Prentice struggles to maintain control, a movie studio arrives in town to make a blockbuster Halloween horror film using the small town as the background. 

As Fall mixes with Hollywood in the small sea-side community, strange events begin happening in Minuteman Cemetery. Bodies begin turning up completely drained of blood and the Cemetery’s most infamous resident is gone. The grave of Mercy Sheridan, the legendary vampire of Capron Bay, is dug up and empty. Chief Pendleton and his police department are pushed to the brink. They have to deal with the increased population due to the movie while investigating the strange occurrences happening all over town. Lena is experiencing strange visions putting her at the scene of the gruesome crimes and the friends start to wonder if she could be responsible.

Has Mercy returned from the grave seeking new victims? Has Lena turned into a vampire like creature? Will the movie destroy the town? Can Prentice regain his powers and together with his friends, help solve the mystery, save Lena and protect the town from Hollywood?  The third adventure of Prentice Pendleton and the Supernatural Squad of Capron Bay is coming in the summer of 2021.