Prentice Pendleton and the Ghost Ship of Capron Bay

Prentice Pendleton is just an ordinary twelve year-old. Like millions of kids around the world, he’s trying to adjust to life and summer amidst a global pandemic. In an instant, a car accident in South Carolina tragically alters his entire life and with it the lives of the residents of Capron Bay, Massachusetts, over a thousand miles away. 

As events bring Prentice and his family back to his father’s childhood home, he will discover new friends, new enemies, but most off all, he will discover who he is. Together, with his new friends, they will embark on a mysterious journey to discover the origins of a ghostly vessel that haunts the waters of Capron Bay. 

Their quest to uncover the mystery will reveal Capron Bay isn’t what it seems. There is something sinister going on in the town and the unlikely group of heroes, will be all that stands between evil and the good people of the small sea-side town.