Mollie Thompson

Mollie was with her Dad in Louisiana when they stopped at a gas station. An evil man who had been looking for revenge against her father attacked both Mollie and her Dad. That was almost ten years ago and Mollie has been attached to her Mom since with no interaction with people at all. She was very lonely and couldn't move on. 

Then she comes across Prentice who can actually see and speak to her. She joins Prentice at the groups' camp over and he lets the team see her. Franklin is instantly smitten with her and wants to be her boyfriend even is she is not among the living. 

Mollie helps the team in their fight against the sinister Hags but in doing so, touches a ward giving her physical form again. When everything is all said and done, nobody knows what to do. Can she stay in physical form? Will someone have to tell her Mom about her? Nobody knows.