Lena Sheridan

Lena meets Prentice for the first time after the funeral of his Grandfather. He is immediately smitten with her because she is the "prettiest" girl he has ever seen. He quickly becomes best friends with her and she introduces him to the rest of the Supernatural Squad. 

HQ is in her backyard and she is the unofficial leader of the group. She is tall but not quite as tall as Prentice and she isn't afraid of anything or anyone. She will stand up for herself and her friends with no exception. 

Her Dad is Detective Hank "Hog" Sheridan of the Capron PD and the Chief's best friend. She loves baseball and refuses to play softball. She is the heart and soul of the team and when she is in danger, Prentice finds himself getting very emotional with his color ability and often times can't control his reaction.