Capron Bay Police Station

The Capron Bay Police Department building is as old as the department itself. It sits overlooking the beautiful picturesque marina leading out to the Atlantic. The personnel of the department get a firsthand view of the local fishing trawlers as they make their way in and out of the bay. Mixed in with these hard-working blue collar boats are the million dollar vessels of the rich and famous who now call Capron Bay their part time vacation home. 

When describing the building, I am not imagining a police station of out the blue. I am describing the physical characteristics of the building I worked in for years. The Town of Smithfield (RI) Police Station serves as the basis for much of my descriptions of Capron Bay Police. 

The photos below are what the station looked like during my time in the department. 

Today, the department has undergone a modern transformation over the last few years and now the building looks like this: