Brother Kiernan

Brother Thomas Kiernan has albinism, which left him without friends and forced him into the world of the night as a result. In his early years, he was abandoned by his family and taken in by the Church. He trained to become a supernatural special operations warrior within the Church. Then tragedy struck, and his entire team was slaughtered. 

As a result, many in the Church turned against him and he was once again forced into solitude and loneliness. He was sent to Capron Bay to investigate all the strange occurrences in the town and take over the church. 

His investigation into X Tech and the spirits of Deacon O'Rourke and the Ennis brought him into contact with Prentice and the gang. As he begins to investigate, he realizes he and Prentice have something in common. 

He isn't much older than the kids and has a lot in common with them. It is very easy for him to become friends with both the kids and Doc Eddings. Together, he and Doc investigate the history of Capron Bay and try to find out what causes all the strange happenings there.