Adam Wells

Adam was born in Japan and adopted by his parents when he was an infant and brought to the United States. He is fully aware of being adopted since his parents have never kept anything from him. His Dad designed and built his main wheelchair which has the ability to change tires to meet all types of terrain and conditions. 

He is very athletic despite not being able to use his legs. He has full motion of his upper body from the waist up so he is able to participate in almost every activity the team takes part in. In fact, his upper body strength is amazing and rivals that of Prentice. 

He is extremely intelligent and technology oriented taking after his father. The wheel chair is a mobile fortress essentially. It has security cameras, supply bins, and storage racks for the team to put their supernatural gear. he has several chairs and even a dirt bike that has been specially designed for him by his father. There is nothing Adam can't do.