Prentice Pendleton: Little Rhody's Legendary Blood Sucker!

Mercy Brown was accused of being a Vampire but not until she was dead. Her family suffered from what everyone called "consumption". We now know it was tuberculosis. Superstitious New Englanders watched as Mercy's family died one by one from the awful disease. The region was in the midst of a Vampire craze and people believed the only way to stop the dying was to dig up Mercy's grave. They did just that but what they found was a perfectly preserved body. 

Despite a local doctor's explanation of the extremely cold weather preserving her body, people went crazy believing she was a vampire. They burned her body and made her brother's drink the liquified ashes. Nothing changed. Death and sadness still continued for the Brown family. 

Now, centuries later, people believe Mercy's grave is haunted. Strange voices can be heard around the grave and strange lights often dance throughout the cemetery. People come from all over to see the gravestone of Little Rhody's blood-sucker.